1788 Michael McCormick

Michael was born Michael McCormack to Michael McCormack and Anne Dungan in the Parish of Delvin, Crowinstown, Kellalagh, Killeagh, Diocese of Meath, County of Westmeath and was baptised 3 Sep 1788 with the sponsor witnesses James Fagan and Biddy Dowdall,

Evidence suggests Michael’s wife was Margarita Curley later known in Carlisle as Margaret Carley who was baptised in December 1794 in Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland. She married a Patt Cahill in Delvin in 1809 when she was only 15 years old. Delvin a very small village of 240 in 2002 so only a few crofters cottages likely in 1800. This was where Michael was born and lived. Women in the area keep their own surnames after marriage.

My own DNA test and family oral history show the Westmeath/Roscommon/Athlone/area is where our ancestors came from. My DNA also matches others with the same ancestry. It is also not far from Monaghan where the principal families include the McCormicks related to Larkin. See DNA Project Peters Pioneers and the links to The Three Collas, brothers who were nephews to the High King of Ireland,

No marriage can be found for Michael so it may be that Margaret ran away with Michael to Carlisle and they did not get married but she changed her name to McCormick. The puzzle is why in the 1851 census Margret is listed as born in Carlisle but in the 1861 census as being born in Ireland. This could be because her daughter Catherine who she is living with at the time in 1851 was born in Carlisle and maybe it was assumed Margaret was as well but this is then corrected in 1861.

Michael and Margaret’s children were:


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