1868 William McCormick

When William McCormick was born on 1868 in Carlisle, Cumberland, his father, James, was 22 and his mother, Mary (maiden name Ross), was 18.

In the 1871 census when he was 3 years old. He is living at No. 10 Broadguards in Caldewgate, Carlisle within sight of the Shaddon Cotton Mill’s chimney, known as Dixon’s chimney. He lived there with his father James a power loom weaver and his mother Mary, a bobbin wider both working in the cotton mill and his younger sibling David who is only 9 months old.

In the 1881 census when he was 12 years old William is listed as a scholar (= at school) and is living in Denton Hill, Caldewgate, Carlisle, Cumberland, England with his father James, a tackler in the cotton mill, his younger siblings David, Fanny and Sarah and a lady called Margaret. His mother Mary is pregnant with his youngest brother Frank and is away from the family home. The 1881 census was in April and Frank was born in July 1881. Margaret is listed as the wife of James in the census but the census recorders sometimes made assumptions. It is more likely James’s sister Margaret or Mary’s sister Margaret helping with the children while Mary is either visiting another relative or perhaps even awaiting the birth of their son Frank at that relative’s home.

By 1891 William and his younger brother David are also working in the cotton mill as general labourers with his father who is still a cotton loom tackler but now a widower. Fanny (Frances) at 16 years old is now a cotton weaver but their youngest sister Sarah, who is only 14 years old has a better job as a confectioner’s assistant. She most likely loved her job as did her family who no doubt would have benefited from the occasional sweet treats she could bring home from the shop.  The family has also expanded by this time to include their younger brother called Frank whose birth mother is also Mary Ross. Frank was perhaps living or visiting with his mother in the 1881 Census at a different address.  Their house must have been very busy at No. 22  Denton Hill in Caldewgate.

On 12 November 1894 William married Mary Ann Stewart with Sarah Bulman and Joesph Henry Monaghan as their witnesses.

By 1901 William is still working as a labourer in the mill but has his own household at Barley Slack Lane, Rickergate living there with his wife Mary Ann and their two children a son John and a daughter Frances.

William has been promoted at the mill by 1911 and is now a Calico & Linings Beetler and John his eldest child is working at the biscuit works. The family has now moved to 7 Raysons Court, Rickergate, Carlisle to accommodate their expanded family with Mary, twins Frank and Annie and James now added to the family. Sarah is the last addition to the family a year later in 1912. Sadly by 1911 both Frances and Frank have died. Frances was 14 years old and Frank only 6 years old.

William died in October 1927 in his hometown at the age of 58.

To understand the life William and his family led as weavers and winders is described in detail in: Irish_and_Scots_poverty_in_the_far_north_of_England_1790_1870 (1)

William and Mary Ann had 7 children.

1895 John McCormick

1897 Frances McCormick

1902 Mary McCormick

1905 Frank McCormick

Annie McCormick

James McCormick

1912 Sarah McCormick


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