1907 James McCormick

James bottom far left

Date unknown

James McCormick

Date unknown

1907 James McCormick

James McCormick was born on 10 September 1907 in Carlisle, Cumberland, his father, William, was 38 and his mother, Mary, was 34.

James was known as Jimmy and was a member of a local boxing club boxing in tents as shown in the photo. Family oral history is that he was a talented boxer. Many years later his great, great, granddaughter also became a talented boxer.

Jimmy met Elizabeth (Bess) Horne at a dance on Lowther Street in Carlisle. As well as being a talented boxer family lore is that he was also a great dancer. He married Bess Horne in October 1930 in Carlise. They had nine children, seven of which survived to adulthood (see list below). They also raised their nephew Frank when his mother died young. He died on 10 October 1984 in Carlisle, Cumberland, at the age of 77.

William McCormick
1931– Living

Gerald McCormick

James McCormick

Kathleen McCormick
1938– Living

John McCormick

Robert McCormick
1943– Living

Peter McCormick
1950– Living

Teresa McCormick
1953– Living


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